Come, Sleep with me

Come, Sleep with me

Doors open, come in please. Throw off the boots,
Cute, my lil prostitute.Look at me, I ain’t no brute
Give me a smile, oh come on. Hon, it’s been so long
Alone. Now along. I’m sweating and kinda wetting.

Ah, here goes the smile, your tongue so agile.
Go bottom, a mile. Your perfume, it’s crazy. Fuck me,
Tuck me in those burning icebergs, sweet smelling ravines.

It shines, the wine on your lips are mine, it’s fucking design.
Come warm this lap of mine, those soft lil buttocks.
It locks, now rub me sunshine, oh yeah, they’re tender
Down under, surrender, those lips so wet. I’m growing hard.

This animal, its terrible on guard. Crazy, no fuckin retard.
My credit card, swiping through the lips, between the thighs,
Your breast are on highes, brown nipples so nice.
Tongue flies, eatin each other. No cover, I’m sucker.

A lover on rage, ablaze.
Lay on top…
You ready…
Let’s engage.


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